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Welcome to the new European Stroke Organisation (ESO) annual conference – The Voice of Stroke in Europe.
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ESOC 2015​

Welcome to the new European Stroke Organisation (ESO) annual conference! The ESO’s first historic meeting of patients, clinicians, scientists, researchers and other health care professionals promises to develop into Europe’s highest quality scientific programme across a range of stroke specialties. Taking place 17-19 April, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland, The ESO Conference 2015 aims to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke in Europe by changing the ways that stroke is viewed and treated. Facilitated by acclaimed experts who will be sharing their latest research findings, The ESO Conference 2015 seeks to harmonise stroke management across Europe. Join THE foremost minds working in stroke today at THE foremost educational foru​m in Europe, The ESO Conference 2015.​​​